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  • Amgen Austria GmbH, Vienna
  • Baxalta GmbH. Now part of Shire, Austria
  • Celgene GmbH, Wien, Austria
  • Gapp Quality GmbH, Austria
  • Hogarth Worldwide, London, UK
  • MedMedia Verlag und Mediaservice GmbH, Wien, Austria
  • Montavit GmbH, Absam, Austria
  • Novartis Austria GmbH, Vienna
  • Pfizer Pharma GmbH, Karlsruhe, Germany
  • Sandoz GmbH, Kundl, Tirol


For us, working with Ulrike has been extremely satisfactory: the material was processed in a very professional way – particularly when dealing with more complex topics – and on top of that Ulrike possesses excellent expertise within the field.

Ulrike provided me with outstanding support for two technically very complex, English publications, all the way to the final version, which she then independently completed. She did an excellent job and thereby contributed to the success of the publication. As I am no “native speaker” myself I saved a lot of time and work during the final stages of the preparation. In terms of understanding for the reader, good structuring and correct grammar, Ulrike independently finalized both projects perfectly.

The publications dealt with a) risk management with regards to sterility in the pharmaceutical industry and b) suggestions on how to correctly deal with deviations within microbiological pharmaceutical quality control.

In order to ensure the correct wording, which is imperative to the understanding of the reader, it was absolutely necessary to fully comprehend the difficult topics, the underlying set of problems, as well as the basic parameters. Ulrike managed this superbly within only a short amount of time. For me, both publications are an important showcase and advertisement for my consulting business.

I will certainly continue my cooperation with Ulrike and can highly recommend her.

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